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Three Beauty Treatments You Must Have After Pregnancy

It is very common to hear praises and compliments during pregnancy as you skin glows healthily, your hair thickens lushly, and the volume of your breasts increases significantly. However, as soon as you deliver the baby, everything starts to fall down drastically. Skin spots begin to be visible. You’ll notice stretch marks that were not there before. And even your full hair gets thinner.

Therefore, getting beauty treatments are a must-have ritual after pregnancy. You need to pamper yourself and come out pretty. And here are the three essential beauty treatments to have.

Stretch Mark Removal

The first time you stand in front of the mirror, you probably think that you will never look good on two pieces anymore. Luckily, the technology is on our side now, and stretch mark removal treatments have become affordable and effective. All you need to do is to find the right aesthetic clinic for it.

You can start by looking for the clinic on your phone. Make a list and read the reviews from their patients. Choose the top three, make a phone call to see how the staff handle the patients, and book your appointment. The other two on your list are your reserve, in case you do not get the intended results.

Areola Coloring

The color of your areola (nipples) is probably the last thing you pay attention to after pregnancy. However, you must know that it will change as you breastfeed, and usually, it is not for good. Your nips’ color will often darken, while it is a general sense that red and pink are the ones associated with youth and beauty. In that case, you need micropigmentation treatment to get the desired color.

You do not need to worry about pain as areola pigmentation is a very convenient procedure. You can even see the result immediately. Watch this video:

Intensive Haircare

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, your hair may start falling as soon as you give birth. In fact, breastfeeding will worsen the situation because it consumes most of the nutrients in your body for your baby’s growth. If you are not nourished properly, the damage can be quite severe.

Therefore, even if you are going to spend most of your time in the house, do not think twice to get some in-house haircare like hair spa, hair mask, and Kerastase treatment. Also, apply more conditioners and hair vitamins when you are at home.